陳冠希慾照事件越演越烈,事情演變到現在有仿賓拉登全程英語宣言,連CNN都咋舌的大陣仗更勝胡錦濤的全程英語記者會,接著還有酒店狹路相逢謝霆鋒欲飽以老拳,三個未公開的足以震撼演藝圈的女星。與其說是要退出香港演藝圈計畫到好萊塢發展,還不如說好所有媒體跟觀眾已經在為他拍攝「楚門的世界二」(True Man Show II)。回頭說到他的賓拉登宣言與記者會,那個演講稿真是文法工整,內容有條不紊,發音標準,有網友建議他息影之後可以轉行當英文老師,有人更計畫把它的講稿編成英文敎課書的教材!


  Today I've come back to Hong Kong to stand before you,and account for myself,I've never escaped away from my responsibility. During the past few weeks,I've been with my mother,and my family,and love ones,to show support and care,and at the same time have their support and care for me.

  I admit most of the photos being circulated on the Internet were taken by me,but these photos were very private,and have not been shown to people,and were never intended to be shown to anyone. Their photos were stolen from me illegally,and distributed without my consent.There is no doubt whoever obtained these photos had been uploading them on the Internet with malicious and deliberate intent.

  This matter has intercalated to the extend that the society as a whole has been effected by this,and in this regard,I am deeply sad in it. I would like now to apologise to all the people for all the suffering that has been caused and the problems that have arisen from this.

  I would like to apologies to all the ladies and to all their families,for any harm or hurt that they've been feeling,I'm sorry.I would like to also apologies to my mother and my father,for the pain and suffering that I cost them during these past few weeks.Most importantly,I would like to say sorry to all the people in Hong Kong,I give my apology sincerely to you all,and reservedly it be,and with my heart.I know young people in Hong Kong look up to many figures in our society,and in this 好萊regard,I had failed,I had failed as a role model.However,I wish this matter would teach everyone a lesson,to all the young people in our community,let this be a lesson for you all,this is not an example to be set for you.

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suger 提到...

是在炫耀他 英文說的很好嗎?

匿名 提到...

他在加拿大出身, 母語就是英文, 況且並不是香港人就要講粵語, 中國人就要講中文, 並不是炫耀.